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********We call when parents, grandparents, or guardians are  volunteers, POSH or GOSH. All POSH and GOSH has been suspended at this time until further notice. This is for the safety of all the children. We will revisit and resume this once it has been determined it is safe to do so.


There will be a 4 days trial period to ensure both parties are happy. In this period, either the family or iPLANETS ACADEMY may decide if this is a good fit for your family. If it is not, their enrollment can be terminated for any reason with only a 4-hours notice.


At the end of this trial period, we may or the parent may request to have a sit-down discussion. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Once BOTH parties have agreed all rules are FIRM and expected to be followed. 









​We welcome all parents to participate in our monthly



These are conducted through Facebook chat, and they run on:

1/10, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5, 6/6

 7/7, 8/8, 9/9,10/10, 11/11, and 12/12.

They are scheduled to last 15-30 minutes or less depending on the parent's feedback and level of participation.

If the session starts on time, and there are no parents online and 15 minutes have passed, iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to cancel the Meeting for that day.

Come share with us your comments, suggestions, meet other parents, ask questions, or share information, etc. 

You must also join our Facebook business page via GO HERE and like it. 


Also befriend Mrs. Mimi on her personal page via GO HERE.


All communication is conducted through our Facebook messenger. 

GO HERE to connect with us. *We don't accept families who don't have an ACTIVE Facebook account (at least 200 friends and opened for at least 24 months )

It is every parent or guardian's responsibility to keep up with all activities and events your child is participating in. All parents must allow tagging ability because you may or may not be tagged for events, pictures, and videos. Any child not prepared to attend scheduled events will not be able to stay on that day.




"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born."

~Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

iPlanets Academy- Keep abreast of our scheduled events


All of our parents or grandparents, or guardians are required to volunteer two hours every 28 days; this equals roughly 20 hours during the school session and 5 hours during the Summer Session. We call this POSH (Parents On-Site Hours) or GOSH (Grandmothers/Guardians On-Site Hours). All must get CPR certified and All must submit to a background check. This MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE your child can enroll. All grandmothers or guardians you wish to do GOSH must also do the same BEFORE they will be allowed to volunteer. This is for the safety of all children including your own. You can take that course online by GO HERE or you may take it at a hospital, or American Red Cross as long as it is CPR for children. Once you have completed the course submit a copy of your certificate with your enrollment packet. 

Its against the rules for any parent, guardian, or anyone acting on your behalf to be under the influence of unlawful narcotics or other drugs that impair you while interacting with any child on our premises; including your own child. You may be asked to take a drug test in the future; refusal will be sufficient grounds for termination of your child's enrollment.

All records will be kept locked up and confidential unless the authorities or Dept. of Education ask to access them. These records will remain on file with us for 1 year following your child no longer being with us and then they will be shredded.

We encourage parents to share their interests and talents with all our children.  Some ways you can do POSH/GOSH is attending field trips, doing craft projects, cooking snacks, helping with homework, or tutoring, etc. You can also do beautification such as; raking leaves, sanitizing toys,  vacuuming, loading the dishwasher, cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning outdoor toys, etc.

​​When doing POSH/GOSH we ask that you be on time, dependable, flexible, and stay for the duration of the two hours in order for it to be counted. You must be patient and loving towards the children, must be willing to abide by the rules, and must be well-versed in safety, and fire safety. You must follow all behavior and safety guidelines.

iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to deny or refuse to allow someone to do POSH/GOSH that we feel is not acting in the best interest of the children or their safety, not following or enforcing the guidelines we set, or not representing iPLANETS ACADEMY favorably. If this becomes the case we may determine that person will never be allowed back on the iPLANETS ACADEMY premises again. iPLANETS ACADEMY understands we are not a good fit for every family. But for iPLANETS ACADEMY to be successful each family has to be committed to creating an enriching, safe, fun, and learning environment for our children.

Parental involvement helps our children to grow in mind, body, spirit, and to be nurtured with love, acceptance, and kindness. Time spent over your two hours will not roll over or credit into the next 28 days so please plan accordingly. 

Other children are not allowed to come along with you when you are doing POSH/GOSH, this is for their own safety. Thanks for your understanding. 


and GOSH

Please understand that visiting for events and activities is different from volunteering and IS NOT considered POSH/GOSH. 

POSH/GOSH takes active participation, prior planning, and scheduling of your volunteer time. 

We understand that things may arise, but we ask that you do not schedule POSH/GOSH unless you are pretty certain you can follow through. It is unsettling for the children to get all excited about you coming only to be disappointed. 

You are not allowed to do the following while doing POSH/GOSH.

Some infractions may lead to IMMEDIATE termination of your child enrollment or possible prosecution:

  • Answering the front door or letting anyone in without permission. All doors must remain secured!

  • Answering the phones without permission.

  • Be abusive in any way towards a child or others including verbally or in front of the children including your own child. 

  • Answer any questions on behalf of iPLANETS ACADEMY.

  • Use or operate the computer or printer without expressed permission. 

  • Be in a restroom or room alone with any child. Also, do not assist with their clothing. All our children must be self-sufficient. If they request your help, let Mrs. Mimi know BEFORE you assist them. 

  • Share information about any child with anyone without permission. Direct all people or questions to iPLANETS ACADEMY

  • Leave children unattended that you have been assigned to and are responsible for. Please make sure to give the children your FULL attention especially when we are at water activities. 

  • Exclude or separate one child from the rest of the children unless they are sick.

  • In order to ensure the safety of the children, we ask that you DO NOT use your cell phone when doing POSH/GOSH for iPLANETS ACADEMY (this includes texting, surfing, calling, etc. ) unless you need to call someone from iPLANETS ACADEMY (such as to make a request to use the restroom or leave your post) Thanks for understanding how important your attentiveness is. 

  • Be under the influence of any narcotic, alcohol, or volunteer while impaired.  It's not allowed within eyesight of any child or staff including in your vehicle, on the playground, or while on Educational Field Trips. 

  • Smoking is prohibited on or anywhere near iPLANETS ACADEMY. It's not allowed within eyesight of any child or staff including in your vehicle, on the playground, or while on Educational Field Trips. 

  • Show favoritism

  • Dress inappropriately

  • Use any racist or offensive slang, or words. Spell any curse words or use them.

  • Sick or have lice. 

  • Operate in an unsafe manner. SAFETY FIRST ALWAYS!

“Education must not simply teach work – it must teach Life.”

~W. E. B. DuBois

iPlanets Academy Families.png

Our goal is to find out what you’re good at and challenge you to fulfill your unique promise. We believe in the power and promise of intellectual curiosity—a deep, persistent desire to know.
We love to see our children asking questions, defining goals, and taking risks. We encourage them to stretch their abilities, explore different perspectives, and tackle the most challenging material they are prepared to try.

It’s cool to be smart here, and to help others learn, too. When our children are happy and excited to learn, there are no limits. If you care about education, this school is for you.



All parents will be asked to fill out an online membership enrollment.  All our written guidelines are electronic and on this website available to you.  Please read carefully and access it as often as you would like to familiarize yourself with it. You are welcome to screenshot, save or print out any portion of our website.  All parents will be required to sign a form stating they have read and fully understood all guidelines online.  Please ask questions if you don't understand something.


Leaving your child with a stranger can be a very daunting task. Initially, most children may be a little apprehensive about going with a strange person and to a strange place.


​ iPLANETS ACADEMY will work with your child(ren) to help them overcome feelings of separation anxiety.  If a child is continuing to have separation problems, we will discuss the best course of action for you and your child and determine if we are a good fit for them. We ask that you try to help prepare your child for the changes as far in advance as possible. Discuss any concerns. Talk about the new people your child will meet and the new things your child will do. If you are enthusiastic, soon your child will be too. During this period you might see crying or clinging especially if your child has not been apart from you before. Again, this is heart-wrenching but perfectly normal. Do not leave without telling your child goodbye and reassure them you will be returning. Brief goodbyes are easier for most children to handle than lingering on. 


Please be very brief at pick up time as well. This is a time of testing when two different authority figures are present and all the children will test to see if the guidelines still apply. It is important that you back up the guidelines at this time. If your child is with you but observed not adhering to the guidelines they will be reminded of the guidelines, and we will take action to correct them. Children of all ages adjust to transition from one activity to another differently. Most do not like to be too rushed and most do not like to wait too long once they are ready to depart.

NO SHOES ALLOWED INSIDE OF iPLANETS ACADEMY. There is a cabinet when you enter for your convenience to store your shoes while on property. You can not walk barefoot but MUST WEAR socks, tights, ballet shoes, or slipper socks at all times while inside. 


Do not leave without making sure all of their belongings are put up in their assigned spot. Also, make sure they have all the belongings they need to function throughout the day. That list can be found GO HERE. No child should be dropped off without having the necessary items on the list.

Once you enter the subdivision turn your radio off and leave it off until you exit the subdivision to respect others.

Parents are welcome to pick up their children early if need be before 8:00 PM.  They will not be able to be picked up from the playground or leave straight from an Educational Field Trip. All children must be signed in and out and picked up at iPLANETS ACADEMY. If a child is picked up early and is in the middle of a project or playing they will have to clean up their portion before they leave so plan accordingly.


Not cleaning up before they leave may lead to disciplinary action, suspension, Clean/Damage fee, or termination of enrollment. All the children are required to clean their own mess. NO EXCEPTIONS!


No car should be driving more than 5 miles an hour during arrivals and departures; this will help to avoid any accidents from occurring. We ask that you maintain that speed until you have gone past at least 6 feet from the stop signs. ​

Always turn your car off before exiting your vehicle. 

Parking space is very limited, so it is very important that you pick up and drop off quickly then proceed to leave the premises safely. Due to the possibility of several parents dropping off at the same time we ask that you do not pull into the driveway but park out front across the street at the park. 


This also helps with visibility because when exiting the premises you have the ability to see the front and back of your car. Please take the time to do a visual sweep of your entire car before getting in.

Do not let children play in between, or walk-in between cars. Do not load or unload children while standing in the street. Load and unload from the curbside.



Please be mindful of other cars and possibly other children at all times! If you can not hold their hand and gather their belongings, then please take the belongings first to your car and then come back and retrieve your child. 

Make sure your child is buckled in before starting your vehicle. Roll your windows down, leave your radio off, and look on all sides especially the rear of your car before driving off. This is for the safety of the children and to ensure you can hear clearly before driving off. 

iPLANETS ACADEMY shall not be held responsible for any accidents or mishaps that occur. When it's between two parties, then you agree to handle all situations between you and that party according to federal and local state laws. An incident report may be taken and filed by iPLANETS ACADEMY from both parties for future reference. 

We care about the safety of your children! Please practice car seats, booster seats, or seat belts safety. Any children being transported in a way that violates the law may be reported and this can also lead to immediate termination of your child(ren) enrollment.

If you or any other person appears to be under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or incapable of driving safely we will call the emergency contact person listed on your “Emergency Contact list” to request their assistance. You may also have someone come and get you and your child.  

iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to ask you and/or your child to not return if you refuse a ride and leave with your child, we will notify the police department and child protection services to inform them of this. 


Depending on how the situation unfolds and is handled by the parent or guardian, it may lead to immediate termination of your child(ren) enrollment.





Open Door Policy does not mean the doors will be unlocked. For the safety and protection of the children, external doors will be kept locked at all times. 

iPLANETS ACADEMY does not allow unplanned visits by those who are not the mother, grandmother, or legal guardian who has custody. Everyone else must call in advance to set up an appointment. We thank you for understanding the security measures we put in place to maintain the children's safety at iPLANETS ACADEMY

You are welcome to Facebook message us or call, if there is no answer, please leave a message and we will return the call as soon as we can. When deciding to stop by, please be mindful of our events, Educational Field Trips, activities, classwork, etc.


If your child is staying overnight or dropped off, we do not allow pickups past 8:00 PM, NO EXCEPTIONS! Pickups are not allowed again until 6:45 AM.  If you are scheduled to pick your child up by 8:00 PM and you come to pick up at 8:01 PM or later 4 times your child membership will be terminated and they will be charged a $28 withdrawal fee.  iPLANETS ACADEMY will not answer or open our doors once it is 8:00 PM for safety reasons. 

​Just remember that visitors have an impact on the child’s behavior and they may “act out of character” while you are here which means become clingy, get very excited, or be distracted. This is perfectly normal. Also, keep in mind, if your child is having separation problems, it might make it difficult for them when you leave.

You can reach us on most days until 8:30 PM by phone if you need to have a quick 5-10 minutes discussion. If you need an in-depth conversation concerning your child then we can schedule it. You are welcome to leave a message on Facebook or email us at any time. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response. 


It is your responsibility to keep your “Authorization to Pick Up List” accurate and up-to-date. Please tell us in advance when someone else that you have authorized will be picking up your child either by texting us on the phone, an email or through Facebook Messenger.


​The parent, guardian, or a person authorized by the parent or guardian must use and sign his/her full signature and include the arrival or departure time when signing the child in or out.

​We have to assume that both parents have the right to pick up your child unless you give us a copy of a court order stating otherwise. Without a copy of the court order, we cannot refuse a parent. If we have a court order and a non-custodial parent tries to pick up the child; we will immediately call the custodial parent. If the non-custodial parent leaves with the child; we will immediately call the police and report the situation. 

We will not place the other children at risk by getting into a confrontation with any parent, family member, or guardians. Please take the time to discuss the guidelines with all non-custodial parents and guardians to avoid any issues arising. Unfortunately, their non-compliance in any of these situations will lead to immediate termination. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN, NO EXCEPTIONS!

No Refund Policy
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