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Farming Leafy Greens


iPLANETS ACADEMY adheres to a very strict diet. We keep the dietary laws in the bible in Leviticus 11th chapter and Deuteronomy 14th chapter.

 In simple terms this means we do not eat any pork, we eat all fish except fish with no fins or scales

(i.e.: catfish) and no other seafood or its by-products. We eat lamb, goat, beef, chicken, turkey, deer, but don't eat rabbit, coon, possum, alligator, or snails, etc.




Understand when we say these animals, we are also referring to

by-products of them too. Please note if any child brings in food containing any of these foods it will be thrown away promptly!

So please ask if you have ANY questions to avoid any confusion or issues.

​Avoiding pork in this country is difficult because pork and pork by-products use a variety of names when they are included in many of the foods, health products, and cosmetics we buy.

Did you know that glycerin is often made from pork and is commonly used to make toothpaste and soap? 

​Pork products are sometimes used to make snack foods such as puddings, jello, chips, crackers, cookies, donuts, and marshmallows including marshmallow bits in cereal and hot cocoa. Pork products are also found in some brands of cake frosting, cheese spreads, yogurt, margarine, and ice cream. Look for words like lard, animal fats, animal glyceride, hydrolyzed animal protein, enzymes, emulsifiers, monostearate, mono and di-glyceride, and gelatin on the label when you buy these products. Dairy products such as whipped cream, sour cream, and cheese may also contain gelatin or rennet. Rennet is an enzyme that turns milk solids into cheese.

Animal rennet is most often used. Look for mono and di-glyceride (forms of glycerin), or enzymes on the label.

​They may not all be made with pork but the only way to know is to contact the company or look for the Kosher marking (K or U) on the label. Pork in the form of glycerin, keratin, collagen, and tallow is used in cosmetics and toiletries.








Some common ones that contain pork or pork by-products are lipstick, shaving cream, toothpaste, hand lotion, bath soap, and shampoos. Pork is also hidden in detergents, cleansers, dish liquids, and soaps.

​Some medications may also contain pork products; the most common is the gelatin-coated tablet of the gelatin capsule (gel caps).

The Physicians Desk Reference is a reliable source that we can refer to for the names, ingredients, indications, reactions, and brands of every prescription and non-prescription drug or medication on the market.

GO HERE : Companies and ingredients 

GO HERE : Terms to Know

GO HERE : Additive and Sources 

​GO HERE : More on Clean Foods 

“Working hard is important, but believing in yourself is even more important.” ~Harry Potter

iPlanets Academy does not eat PORK



iPlanets Academy school lunches

iPLANETS ACADEMY believes nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body and supports growth and brain development. This time is vital in our day. Children learn about food from many cultures, cooking skills, a conversational give and take, self-help skills, nutrition, wellness, manners, and patience.

Each month our menus will include foods kids love but also healthy selections of whole grains, vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits, milk (Soy milk, Almond or Coconut), low sugar selections, and 100% juice. Foods with a high incident rate of choking are not used or are modified to reduce any risk of choking. 



Grace of thanksgiving, Brunch, Nutrition, Bathroom, and Brush Teeth.


Prepare/Self-Serve snacks together, Bathroom Breaks, and Brush Teeth


Prepare/Self-Serve snacks together, Bathroom Breaks, and Brush Teeth.


The grace of thanksgiving, Nutrition Education, Health Education, Story time among each other, Manners and Etiquette education, Serve, Clean up Kitchen, Bathroom Breaks, and Brush Teeth.

iPLANETS ACADEMY Summertime Learning and weekend menus are not set, but are determined daily according to their nutritional needs and where we are. Our meals are posted in 1 week increments so we can take advantage of current prices. Please check the menu weekly to make sure your child is not allergic to anything. All parents must ensure their child has their meals paid so they can eat and if they are going to come in later they would need to be fed before dropping them off.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS A CHILD TO BE DROPPED OFF HUNGRY IF MEAL TIMES ARE MISSED. Once the kitchen is shut down at 7:30 PM, no meals, snacks or drinks will be served.


Nothing is more important than ensuring our little ones are properly fed and ready to physically participate in the events of the day. Neglect will not be tolerated. Multiple instances of this type of neglect will be reported to the proper authorities and/or your enrollment may be terminated.

​We ask for your cooperation by not allowing your child to bring any food without prior approval. NO EXCEPTIONS!

​Your child’s well-being is our top priority, so please help us by letting us know of any food allergies your child may have. Special dietary accommodations will only be made with written instructions from a Licensed Medical Professional or Licensed Nutritionist.

The children serve and pour for themselves as much as possible during meals and snack time utilizing the “family style” dining method. This fosters more self-help skills. We will say the grace of thanksgiving at the table before each meal. 

Manners will be taught to the children during meals. ​Children are expected and encouraged to display table manners and stay in their seats during meals and snacks. 

​Children are not allowed to bring candy or gum to iPLANETS ACADEMY without prior approval. They are also not allowed to bring in outside food, half-eaten snacks, or meals outside of the times listed above. If they are not done with their food when you arrive here,  they need to eat it in your car before coming inside. All food must be store-bought and in its original package. Leftover food will be discarded except for foods that do not require refrigeration and/or that were never opened. In those cases, they will be given to the children for a snack. 



There are times when we are out on educational field trips where we will eat in a fast-food restaurant but we have challenged ourselves to do an 80/20 rule.

This means all of our food is 80% free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, and sweeteners. We have worked hard to try and eliminate unhealthy trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup.


We may restrict foods brought in to accommodate allergies. If we go peanut free, here is the approved snack list GO HERE.

If your child has a serious allergy GO HERE for our guidelines on how to deal with that.  

Our balanced menu is low sodium, low sugar, low-fat, nutrient-dense, and full of whole grains, organic or locally grown fruits and vegetables so we can be our healthiest self!

Children will eat lunch in their small groups after saying grace to give thanks.


A pleasant and teachable conversation is encouraged to help make this a relaxed and enjoyable learning time.


Children are encouraged to sample the variety of foods and adhere to the "2 bites rule" but no child is "forced" to eat. The children help clean up their tables after each meal. 

Please look over our menus weekly and alert us of any foods your child(ren) may be allergic to. GO HERE to see our Nutrition, Wellness, and Physical Activity Guidelines.


GO HERE to see our Nutrition Standards. GO HERE to see our menu components.  

Thanks for dining with us!


Meals can be paid daily for

drop-ins or for the week for Vacations, and MUST be paid in CASH ONLY.

All others must pay weekly or monthly depending on enrollment. 

Daily Meal Rates are paid in CASH ONLY and are:

Brunch                 $5.00

Dinner                  $5.00

Snacks                  $2.500

Weekly Meal Rates are:

Brunch or Dinner $4.25  apiece

2 Days                  $8.50

3 Days                  $12.75

4 Days                  $17.00

5 Days                  $21.25

6 Days                  $25.50

7 Days                  $29.75


Snacks                  $1.75 apiece

2 Days                  $3.50

3 Days                  $5.25

4 Days                  $7.00

5 Days                  $8.75

6 Days                  $10.50

7 Days                  $12.25

Monthly Meal Rates are:

Brunch or Dinner $3.50  apiece

1 Day                   $14.00

2 Days                  $28.00

3 Days                  $42.00

4 Days                  $56.00

5 Days                  $70.00

6 Days                  $84.00

7 Days                  $98.00

Snacks                  $1.00 apiece

1 Day                   $4.00

2 Days                  $8.00

3 Days                  $12.00

4 Days                  $16.00

5 Days                  $20.00

6 Days                  $24.00

7 Days                  $28.00

iPlanets Academy does not eat SEAFOOD
Meal and Snack Prices
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