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All parents or legal guardians assume all risk of injury or harm to the child while the child is with iPLANETS ACADEMY or being transported or on an educational field trip.


The parent or legal guardian agrees to fully release, indemnify, defend, and forever discharge iPLANETS ACADEMY, its owners, staff, volunteers, rental property, and agents of and from all liability, claims, demands, damages, costs, expenses, actions, and causes of action in respect of death, injury, loss, or damage to the child, or by the child, howsoever caused, arising out of or to arise by reason of or during the child's participation at iPLANETS ACADEMY.




Safety is of utmost concern to iPLANETS ACADEMY. Since 2008 we have had ZERO incidents of death. We have only had two accidents where the ambulance had to be called, you can GO HERE to read about our accidents.




iPLANETS ACADEMY photograph & videotape the children daily and regularly in order to document developmental milestones, for our social media outlets, class instructions, and our children’s accomplishments.

Most of these photos or videos will be shared on the iPLANETS ACADEMY website, classroom displays, social media sites, or other teaching platforms. Potential staff members, volunteers, and family members of other children may also use photos and videos on their own social media. Photos & videos may also be used in community-wide displays featuring iPLANETS ACADEMY, including but not limited to newspapers, display boards, brochures, social media sites (Facebook, Yelp, Pinterest, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.), educational sites, etc.

​Parents will sign a permission form for photographs & Videos to be taken of their child.

iPLANETS ACADEMY is VERY SOCIAL. This means that your child's face and activities will be shared with the worldwide web. If you feel this is not something you are comfortable with then


iPLANETS ACADEMY may not be a good fit for you and your family.

Social media are powerful communication tools that can impact iPLANETS ACADEMY professional reputation.  Social media can blur the line between personal and the views of iPLANETS ACADEMY opinions.


Our social media rules are designed to clarify how best to protect personal and iPLANETS ACADEMY reputations when participating in social media. 


The goal is to establish practical and enforceable guidelines by which we can conduct ourselves in a constructive, positive, and official capacity. Only iPLANETS ACADEMY can use social media to speak on behalf of iPLANETS ACADEMY in an official capacity.

GO HERE for a FULL list of our Social Media Guidelines.

Our children are allowed to bring in their electronics such as computers and tablets AT THEIR OWN RISK. iPLANETS ACADEMY will not be responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items. These electronics are to be stored away in their cubbies and only used when needed for their assignments or with permission.


No child will be permitted to take calls while at school or to chat online other than times when doing so as a part of an assignment. If you need to talk to your child(ren) please do so through the school phone or Facebook messenger. 



Our goal is to provide your child with a clean, safe, comfortable environment where they can play and learn with guidance and loving care. There is a lot of information here. Please read all of it. These guidelines are enforced for fairness and respect. If you have any questions, please ask.​

At iPLANETS ACADEMY the term guidance is used for several reasons. It is a positive term and implies working with the children to develop internal control of their behavior.  Our goal is to encourage children to become creative, independent, responsible, and socially mature human beings. 


This involves learning to make responsible choices and accepting the consequences of such choices. 

Please keep in mind that there WILL BE disagreements between children. Young children—

especially, who are not adept at communication; have a hard time expressing their feelings at times.

iPLANETS ACADEMY will make every effort to work with the parent or guardian to ensure a cooperative approach for children having difficulties with behavior.  


We are here to serve and protect all of our children!  A parent may be called at work or home anytime the child exhibits uncontrollable behavior that cannot be modified.  The parent may be asked to take the child home immediately.

1. Patience 

Children at this age need patience and guidance as they learn how to interact with their peers and make positive choices. Their language skills and experience in resolving conflicts is increasing. 


At iPLANETS ACADEMY we support their efforts of self-regulation, problem-solving, and cooperation using positive reinforcement and patience.

2. Positive Redirection

We will help the child understand the logical consequence of his/her actions by removing the object or activity in which the child is engaged and redirect them to another activity. 

3. Peaceful Moments 


 Many times children misbehave because that is the only way that they know how to express frustration.  We help children to acknowledge when they are getting frustrated or upset, and how to respond to those emotions.   

Some children struggle more with self-calming than others do.  If a child gets to a high level of frustration and needs some assistance with calming down, we provide a designated place for them to have a peaceful moment within view for them to sit down and calm down.


When the child is in a heightened state, they are allowed to sit alone and play with manipulatives which helps them to calm down and regroup.  Once the child has calmed down, then we work to address the poor behavior.

4. Praise

As a positive reinforcement for good behavior, children are praised for showing positive behavior or when we see the children doing something good. 


Giving positive verbal rewards encourages acceptable behavior. This reinforces a child’s good feeling about his/her behavior

5. Planning with the Parents

If a child continues to have multiple peaceful moments in a day, we will schedule a consultation with the parents and come up with a plan of how to prevent the undesirable behavior and a timeline as to when the behavior should improve.  We feel like the child should be involved in this discussion since it is the child who must work to actively correct the behavior.


During our initial talk, we encourage the parents to listen as much as they talk so the child can feel heard and have an opportunity to explain why they are reacting the way they are. This helps them to vocalize how they feel and again feel included in the process of displaying positive behavior.


iPLANETS ACADEMY provides education in a group setting therefore we must be concerned about the welfare and safety of all of our children. When a particular child’s behavior threatens the safety of or becomes abusive towards other children or others, we may require immediate pick-up, suspension, or termination of your enrollment.

Critical behavior would include, but is not limited to, biting, hitting, punching, injuring, threatening, kicking, bullying, etc.

One of the BIGGEST ways parents can help their child to use positive behaviors is for the parents themselves to model good behavior. Children are like sponges and they tend to use "Monkey See Monkey Do" behavior. They will listen but are more inclined to do exactly what they see the adults in their lives doing. 

iPLANETS ACADEMY 100% believes in disciplining your child. We provide guidance so all our children can feel secure and thrive in this world. But at no time will a child be subjected to physical abuse, violence, corporal punishment, or physical force of any kind. This includes but is not limited to spanking, slapping, pinching, shaking, biting, pulling hair or arms, jerking, kicking, cursing at, etc. under no circumstances! 

If there is ever an instance or evidence of this when your child arrives, it will be PROMPTLY reported to the proper authorities. You will not be informed of this report being made.

iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to immediately and indefinitely ask you not to return to iPLANETS ACADEMY if a parent falls under the jurisdiction of the local authorities until all have been investigated and resolved. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

​We ask that all parents if they need to discipline their child that they will take their children out of the earshot or view of the other children.


Critical behavior issues that may cause immediate termination of enrollment:

  • Using profane, vulgar, or abusive language or spelling it out.

  • You or your child is inappropriately dressed or not conforming to our Uniform Guidelines.

  • Driving too fast or under the influence of any type of narcotic or DUI.

  • Going 4 or more days no call no show no dues paid. Afterward, they must ask to re-enroll and pay membership dues again. 

  • Failure to bring daily items. 

  • Damage to or theft of property.

  • GO HERE for our damage 


  • Participating, encouraging, or allowing your child to intentionally harass, cyber/bully, or intimidate others.  GO HERE to read about our Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying or as we call it our HIB Guidelines. 

  • Weapons or illegal substances.

  • Failure to not pick up your child at the agreed-upon time 4 times.

  • The inability of the parents and provider to communicate effectively.

  • iPLANETS ACADEMY inability to meet the needs of the child after efforts to do so.

  • The child’s behavior is disruptive to the rest of the children.

  • Giving malicious and derogatory comments or statements about iPLANETS ACADEMY in print, word of mouth, on social media sites, websites, blogs, media, etc. (We have an open-door policy if you have concerns)

  • You, your child, or anyone acting on your behalf not adhering to all the guidelines. It is each parent’s responsibility to familiarize yourself and those who are acting on your behalf with the guidelines.

  • Parents fighting or being aggressive in front of other children or parents, while at iPLANETS ACADEMY or on an outing or online or while representing iPLANETS ACADEMY in any capacity that could bring any type of negative impact upon us. 

  • Bringing a child who is ill, has lice, or communicable disease. 



All the children will be visually screened as they arrive at iPLANETS ACADEMY.

iPLANETS ACADEMY is operated as a 



Which simply means we believe in order to protect all the children and to ensure that our children get the proper care they need;



Every course of action is taken to reduce the spread of illness by encouraging hand-washing and following other universal sanitary practices. 

​When a communicable disease has been introduced into iPLANETS ACADEMY, parents will be notified, and depending on the illness, it may be reported to the state and local health departments when required or necessary.


Parents are urged to notify iPLANETS ACADEMY when their child is known to have been exposed to a communicable disease, infection, illness, or sickness.

All parents MUST bring a doctor's note in order to return. iPLANETS ACADEMY may solely determine that a child who does not appear to be fully recovered from an illness cannot come back even if a parent presents a doctor's note. 



Parents of children who become ill during the day will be promptly notified and are expected to pick up their child immediately within TWO HOURS.


Should your child have signs or symptoms requiring exclusion from iPLANETS ACADEMY he/she will be isolated to minimize exposure to the other children.

Any parent who attempts to bring an obviously ill child may be asked to no longer bring their child(ren) back to iPLANETS ACADEMY.

If iPLANETS ACADEMY staff should become sick or have an emergency while your child is here you will be notified and have TWO HOURS to pick up your child,

NO EXCEPTIONS! Depending on the severity you may be asked to pick up your child(ren) from the hospital or medical facility.  


Any child with a known medical condition can not enroll as a member with iPLANETS ACADEMY unless they have a Licensed Medical Professional write out a detailed medical plan we can keep here on file that can be verified.


We consider only the following to be acceptable Licensed Medical Professionals:

  • Pediatricians

  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioners

  • Family General Doctors

  • Specialists 

  • R.N. 

All notes must be handwritten and signed (no stamps accepted), is clear in explaining the medical condition, and how to treat it, the symptoms, any special instructions that need to be done, and giving permission for them to be around other children. Failure to have the above outlined on the excuse 

means we will not accept it.

Although trained in child CPR, basic first aid, and recognition of communicable childhood diseases, we will not under any circumstances provide any medications, including vitamins unless a “Permission to Administer Medication” form is filled out. The prescription form must have a medication expiration date and legible instructions for administration.

If you fail to bring your child’s prescribed medication, you will be asked to go home and be required to take the child home to give them the required dosage. Any missed time due to this will not be credited or refunded. 


Any adverse reaction to the medication will be documented, and the parents will be notified immediately. Please do not send any medications in your child’s bag, coat pockets, or leave any medication in your child’s cubby or storage;



Please let your pediatrician or family physician know your child attends iPLANETS ACADEMY. Often medication can be administered before the child is brought here and again in the evening, avoiding administering medication at iPLANETS ACADEMY.  


If this is not possible, you may wish to ask your pharmacist to provide you with two bottles for the medication so that one can be left at iPLANETS ACADEMY and the other at home.




iPLANETS ACADEMY follows strict health and safety guidelines and procedures to ensure the safety of our children and will take immediate action if an incident should happen. In the event of any child-related incidents we follow these strict procedures:


We will attempt to prevent injuries, but accidents resulting in injury do occur. We are trained in first aid and CPR and will follow our training. If the injury is minor (requiring only a band-aid or ice) the incident is recorded on an illness/injury report. 

Only if necessary, will you be asked to collect your child within TWO HOURS. If your child requires medical treatment beyond immediate first aid, and we are unable to contact you, we will ensure your child is appropriately cared for. This may include contacting the person you have identified as your emergency contact or calling an ambulance. This is why it is very important to make sure your emergency contact and authorized nominee information are up-to-date at all times.


Any medical/transport costs incurred; including ambulance fees will be at your expense.

If your child has sustained an injury at home and we have a concern that the injury may be made worse by your child’s coming to iPLANETS ACADEMY, we will request a medical clearance letter from a Licensed Medical Professional 

before your child can return. We also may take dated pictures upon your arrival and departure.

iPLANETS ACADEMY shall not be held responsible or liable for any accidents, incidents, deaths, or mishaps that occur in the parking lot, the playgrounds, on Educational Field Trips, outings, while traveling, or at iPLANETS ACADEMY.

If there are any incidents between two people then you agree to handle all situations between you and that party according to state laws.

An incident report may be taken and filed by iPLANETS ACADEMYfrom both parties for future reference.

iPlanets Academy has a NO SICKNESS ZONE policy


iPLANETS ACADEMY is committed to the protection and physical, social, emotional, and intellectual well-being of your child. If it is suspected that a child is at risk of harm or has sustained actual harm the proper authorities will be contacted and informed of any suspected signs of abuse to include emotional, physical, sexual, medical mistreatment, or neglect.

iPLANETS ACADEMY takes this responsibility quite seriously, but WE DO NOT investigate or attempt to decide whether the information is valid. iPLANETS ACADEMY simply reports ANYTHING that could be interpreted as abuse or neglect.

iPLANETS ACADEMY WILL NOT refuse a request for an investigation. In the cases where an investigator believes it is necessary, the investigator has the legal ability to assume temporary guardianship and remove the child from iPLANETS ACADEMY. As with any sensitive information, iPLANETS ACADEMY will take care to protect our children and the family's privacy regarding this matter.

iPLANETS ACADEMY reserves the right to ask you not to return under these circumstances and we are under no obligation to hold a spot during or after the investigation regardless of the outcome. Retaliation as a result of possible abuse being reported will not be tolerated and will be handled through the proper authorities.



iPLANETS ACADEMY does not get involved in personal family matters such as testifying on the behalf of one parent or guardian against the other or giving character reports. We suggest you use family, friends, and others who may have knowledge about your personal affairs. 

Click on the picture below for more information on what we consider to be abuse. GO HERE  or click on the picture to report any abuse you have seen. 

iPlanets Academy are Mandated Reporters


Parents are reminded smoking, vape, any illegal substance, having them visible or talking about them is not permitted at iPLANETS ACADEMY, our parking lot, or on the grounds, at the playground, while out on educational field trips, within view of our children, or while sitting in your car, etc. Failure to comply will lead to you being immediately asked to no longer come back to iPLANETS ACADEMY and your child's membership immediately being terminated. 



The ratings assigned to different fire extinguishers have the purpose of communicating the effectiveness of individual fire extinguishers. At iPLANETS ACADEMY we have a 3-A;40-B: C (3A10BC) which is located in the downstairs girls sleep room in their closet for easy access in case of a grease or electrical fire. We also have a 3-A 40; B: C located by the green bucket near their cubbies upstairs.  We also have cans of Tundra Stop Fires Fast in the downstairs guest bathroom at the bottom of the sink as well as in the bucket in the kitchen. 

We have a fire blanket and gloves located in the kitchen breakfast nook on top of the buffet and within the green cubby upstairs. We will conduct monthly Fire Drills that are documented. During those fire drills we will discuss with the children how to properly use the ladder extension stored within the green bucket upstairs. This ladder is used to escape out of a window in the case of a fire (when the stairs can not be accessed or its not safe to do so). We will not be actually going out of the window, but they will be shown how to properly deploy it to use it. We will show them that the spot to go to safely to remove themselves from danger from the fire is to the park across the street. 

Fire Classification Descriptions:

Class A - Solid materials such as wood, card, paper, fabric, etc.
Class B - Flammable liquids including kerosene, oils, petrol, paints, diesel, etc.
Class C - Electrical fires
Class D - Combustible metals or alloys, such as potassium, magnesium, or titanium.


Please help reinforce the following with your child:

  • Do not return for anything that you may have forgotten

  • Do not stop to collect personal belongings.

  • Do not open a door if you suspect a fire on the other side.

  • Do not re-enter until advised to do so by the fire department or iPLANETS ACADEMY.


"You are free to chose, but not free from the consequences of your choices."

~Muhammad Ali

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